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Tips to write good Assignment!!!


  We all know the feeling when someone mentions the word ‘Assignment’ and the feeling of dread sweeps over you. Maybe you put it aside for now. After all, the due date is three weeks away.
Sound familiar?
No need to panic: it’s about how you approach it. Doing an assignment is a procedure; these tips may help kick you off and ideally maintain a strategic distance from last minute anxiety and deadline struggles.
From 140 words Tweets To Facebook comment, we choose to have a good prose style but being professional requires having a different style of writing than standard social media english. University professors don’t expect a toni marrison but a good style of writing can make your score high.
How to write a good assignment?
Here are few important points students must remember, no matter which field of study they come from.
●TOPIC UNDERSTANDING: The first thing to do while writing assignment is to understand the
topic of assignment. You should understand the topic and create an overview of what to be
included in the assignment. A good prose style should be added after a deep research
regarding the topic. An assignment become excellent if it has a deep researched content and
it will make your grade an exponential rise. Research well as you are going to write a college
assignment not a funny story or essay.
●PRECISE WITH WORDS: Words play a crucial role in evaluation of your assignment. So you
need to expand your vocabulary in order to write a better assignment. The right use of
words can make your assignment better. Do not use the words that look inappropriate in a
particular context.
●WRITING TO THE POINT: Your writing style should short, simple and to the point. Never write
sentence that are meaningless. Unnecessary jargons and convoluted sentence should not be
used. Try to make short sentence and divide the large sentence into smaller one as they
become easy to read.
●USE TECHNICAL JARGAONS CAREFULLY: Technical jargons should always be used very carefully. All
higher academic assignments have some technical words. But you must not make it difficult.
You should make your assignment easy for all so that, who is not expert can also get an
overview of the assignment.
●SHORT PARAGRAPHS: Short sentence and short paragraph is the soul of the assignment. This
makes assignment good to look and read. This is the important part of the assignment writing and the paragraph should be used for different scenario and situations.
●PROOF-READ & COPY-EDIT: The simple rule for making assignment the best is to check, edit,
and save rule. This rule defines a repetitive process of error checking, editing, and then a
final save. Avoid unnecessary information from the assignment.

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