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How to write a Professional Resume?


How to write a Professional Resume?
Professional Resumes follow a standard format and have some basic details about the person, we generally want to stand out with our resumes, but it is advised to try the tested methods and let our skills, knowledge, and experience speak for itself.

A Resume is designed to highlight your qualities and gives an overview to the prospective employer. It is the first impression you make on the employer and they usually take 6.5 seconds in order to assess the person.Highlight all your strengths which might interest the employer to hire you.

Personal Details-

The essential personal details to include in your professional resume are your full name and contact information which includes both your phone number and email address.

Create an objective-
Before making a Professional resume, we should have a clear objective which matches the position you are applying for. Be very specific and stick to the point, cut the slack, more specific you are the better your chance of getting selected. Objectives must highlight the goals you have in your career and how those can be beneficial for the organization. Listing them on the top could be icing on the cake, and don’t make it longer than a few sentence.

Career Objective or Summary-

Not having a paid job before doesn’t mean you don’t have any experience. Add a work experience section and put up any paid, unpaid, volunteer work you have done before.
Anything to show you love challenges and are a responsible person. Your practical experience from courses, major responsibilities and anything else professional- even babysitting your neighbor’s daughter will do. Along with each position don’t forget to add your responsibilities, roles that you performed and your achievements form the job.

Include your education and qualifications-

Add a section for your educations and qualification form 10th standard onwards, give a
basic detail about the subjects you studied, a school you went and exams result. If you were involved in any extra co-curricular activities which are relevant to the job profile you are applying for, don’t forget to mention them as well. Apart from all this, including any extra award, you got outside a school, like playing for district football team, volunteering for Radio Mirchi or anything which you have achieved and are proud of.

What are your key skills?

Ever thought about your key skill, particularly what you are good at, and if those skill set can help you excel in the job you are applying for don’t forget to mention them at all.For example, you participated in a cricket match where your team wan the tournament, your participation shows you are a good team member and have organizational skills. You might have, while you’ve got a blog, you might have a great experience with social media, web design and photography programs. Use them all, these activities speak for themselves use them to your advantage.

Add extra-curricular activities and interests-
It’s a great idea to give your future employer an idea of what you are like and what you enjoy, particularly if you don’t have a lot of previous employment experience to offer.By showing them the extracurricular activities you enjoy, they can get a much better idea about you as a person.

Give reference details-
While you don’t need to provide a reference, it’s better to mention at the end that references will be available on request. These can be people related to your life or your previous employer, your teacher etc. Before mentioning them, inform them that they can be asked to provide any reference for you, do this before giving their contact detail.

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